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 Streams de Stefano Casillo Temp. 2

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MensajeTema: Streams de Stefano Casillo Temp. 2   Lun Ago 31, 2015 2:19 pm

Comenzó la 2da temporada de live coding, Q&A de Kunos
Domingos para informacion, mostrar nuevo contenido, funciones (como zonas DRS), etc y miercoles mas "coding"

So, what will the update 1.3 bring ?

64bit build ! - problem was linking the python to the 64bit version. No visible performance improvement, but possible to use all memory, which is already a big plus !

- adding the DRS zones to the tracks
- possible to modify these zones from the server config
- server can override the rules during the race - allow DRS after x laps, what's the gap you need to have with the car in front in order to enable DRS use

Working on audio of the tyres - rewriting all the algorithms to generate the levels of the audio - in order to make it easier to hear. Should be able to relate easier to what the car is doing just listening to the tyres. Now they stand out easier from the other sounds and doing it progressive.

Thanks to the DRS, UI needs to be modified to better communicate all the available options. Especially for the average user, that doesn't necessarily has the right 3rd party apps installed.
- one way would be to include these informations on the loading screen
- other way, to have some sort of AC UI with all the info you need active by default, and if one wishes, one can hide it.
- some changes in the way the game starts - random camera angles from track - looks very nice !

Multiplayer side:
- you can now display a welcome message when player joins the server (defined in a TXT file)
- possibility (maybe) to have a customized message - per user
- possibility to start a fixed setup server
- share setup ideas - just receive the setup in the respective folder (track & car combo) with auto name

Car setup menu: the car status tab will also show up blistering & grain status

Force Feedback
Adaptive FFB based on the first laps of driving - automatically readjusting the internal FFB multiplier to get close to 90% force strength; which is strong enough to use the full power of steering wheel, but still you have 10% to feel the kerbs or other effects. With 1.3 update, basically all the cars will have a very consistent FFB.

New FFB additional effects
- slips - adding a vibration on the steering wheel as you are going over the limit of the tyre (definitely realistic, could be there on a real tyre). Why ? see the video : )
- road - what it does is translating the instant acceleration of your suspensions compared to the body of the car into left-right torques on your steering wheel. Why ? see the video : )
- kerbs - expands on the same idea (road effect). Canned effect though, it's not all coming from the physics. Some kerbs are flat (Spa for example) and yet we still get the vibration. Interesting explanation about the FFB distribution (inside/outside of the car) - see the video : )
- understeer - fictional reduction of the torque, going over the limit of the tyre. This one is completely unrealistic but it's necessary because of the limited force we can get from our (basic) wheels. Not talking to you, OSW or DD owners :p.

Q&A session :
Q: What happened with Monza Sopraelevata and when will we see it into Assetto Corsa ?
A: We actually have a solution for that, we still need to check how the AI is doing. But we are moving forward, I want to implement it.

Q: Any progress on ABS ?
A: No, not at the moment.

Q: Are the cars in AC ray-cast vehicles ?
A: No, they are rigid-body simulated; ray-cast would be very limited for AC.

Q: When will we see the new UI ?
A: The new UI will be visible on the console. Wether it'll be on PC or not.. is up in the air right now.

Q: I have a 270 degrees on my steering wheel, and I want to be able to use a 1:1 steering ratio
A: Yes, you are totally right. I had a talk with Aris about it, and we agree we should add an option.

Q: Do you have mechanical engineers in the team ?
A: No, we don't.

Q: I like how the launch screen shows the track not the car. Do the modders need to do something special to work ?
A: Yes, to do it properly there should be a specific camera set. But if the file is not there, the system will search for the existing fixed cameras and will be added to the cameras to be used.

And 2 "random notes" from Stefano:
One thing that I think we really need, is one place where to have a clear documentation about all the ini files in AC; and how the files evolve from one version to another. Maybe a shared location on the Internet, that everybody could read. That should make it easy for modders to define ini files.

It would make an interesting experiment to vote for your favorite feature to be developed for the next version.

Q: Time restricted races ?
A: Yes, in 1.3

Q: Reverse grids ?
A: I would like to make through plugins

Q: Spectator mode ?
A: No, it's very difficult to implement it now.

Q: Approximate time for 1.3 ?
A: End of September; if any feature will create problems, it'll be cut in order to keep this date.

Q: Single player PIT STOP is in the pipeline for 1.3 or later ?
A: It's definitely in the pipeline, we'll see if it will make it.

Q: Is there anything in development for transmission physics ?
A: I would like to add torsional physics, but it's a lot of work to do it, so I don't know yet.

Q: Is there a possibility to make a physics related stream ?
A: Yes, but probably forum is a better place because sometimes it's necessary to look for the answer in 3-4 years old code.

Q: Any chance to add chassis flex ?
A: No, because it'd would be very difficult to implement it properly.

aca esta el Changelog al momento:
- 64bit build
- Car physics is now calculated in separate threads
- Fixed KERS disabled in pitlane
- Added soft locks
- Added support for DRS zones
- acServer is now stressing much less Go GC and should offer more stable performance
- Added FORCE_TG to force low res timer in assettocorsa.ini
- acServer is now using Go 1.5, faster GC
- Added server welcome message
- Fixed gear ratio appearing with a double "i" in setup screen
- Fixed acServer unable to read ini values with a "*" character(as AUTH)
- Fixed driver name displayer not showing in saved settings in MP
- Fixed acServer not creating "results" folder automatically
- New algorithm to modulate skid volumes and pitch, now working globally in the entire simulation.
- Added grain and blister readings in the setup info screen
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MensajeTema: Re: Streams de Stefano Casillo Temp. 2   Lun Ago 31, 2015 2:21 pm

Episodio 2
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MensajeTema: Re: Streams de Stefano Casillo Temp. 2   Lun Ago 31, 2015 2:22 pm

Episodio 3



The file format and algorithm have changed. Before these changes the simulator was checking the gap at the finish of the last lap, which obviously wasn't the proper way to do it. So Stefano has rewritten the algorithm in order to measure the time gap between two cars right at the start of the DRS zone.
Most aspects of this feature already work, but AI is still work in progress. Especially the Exos 125 has issues.

New realtime telemetry app

Can display four realtime graphs
It's possible to read various data, including the newly added water temperature
The code is easy to update (by Kunos) in order to include new types of data


Exposure settings are now saved
Triple buffering added to vertical sync, which should now be smoother

Tyre model

Concerning mainly modders: INI files can now have inline lookup tables, so you don't need another .lut file. First application of this new feature is the tyres.ini file, where the DX and DY values can now have more than two values (DX0 & DX1 for example). Instead, you can load a lookup table with the DX_CURVE key, and the simulator will just use those values.
More work going on with the "simplified" tyre INI files, where you can just key in a few values (tyre dimensions, general softness and sidewall stiffness) and the software computes all the paramteres you would usually see in the tyres.ini file.

Q&A Session

Q: Stefano, can you explain how camber changes affect longitudinal grip in AC?
A: The effect of camber on longitudinal grip is like a slip angle. You can consider camber like an additional slip angle, but there are some differences. One main difference is that slip angle reacts to relaxation length. The camber doesn't have that, it gives you instant grip, no grip build-up. If you have more camber then you also have less longitudinal grip because the tire also accelerates you sideways.

Q: So just to clarify, DRS does work both in single and multiplayer?
A: It doesn't work in multiplayer yet. I would love the logic of the DRS to be on the server, so it would say "You passed the detection zone, this is the gap to the guy in front, so you can/can't use the DRS". Of course that means for me to rewrite the logic on the server, but I want to do it.

Q: Can the league guys expect something about last lap when the first guy crosses the finish line?
A: Yes, it shouldn't take me long to do it so you can expect it.

Q: Stefano, can you add some variables to control the pressure increase with temperature?
A: It's probably calculated in the software. We will see.

Q: Can you explain what the ENABLE_GYRO setting does?
A: The idea is that if you have something that is rotating, that object is going to resist a change in rotation, so basically resist any torque that tries to change its orientation not in the plane of the rotation. The ENABLE_GYRO setting does exactly that: the faster the wheels are spinning, the harder they are to steer. It's working pretty much like a steer damper dependent on the front wheels' rotation speed.

Q: Better visual damage?
A: I don't think so.

Q: Server plugin changes in 1.3?
A: Yes, there are already some changes. Other are coming as well, such as the ability to send a car to the pits for a number of seconds, or knowing if a car is in the pitlane. I think this is going to be a game changer.

Q: Maybe the new tyre model (the one that won't be coming in 1.3) is a reason to release Assetto Corsa 2?
A: Yes. That's definitely something that could be done. Don't rush into releasing something, work on it as long as you need. We have a platform that is working.

Q: Can you explain the steer assist?
A: There was a lack of communication between me and Aris. Reading in the comments I found he was talking about speed. It's not something that relates to speed, but it's something that is used to reduce the torque sent from the front wheels through the steering wheel. F1 cars use it in order to not kill the driver's arms. In AC it is a parameter for a gamma curve; at 1 the response is linear, below 1 the curve is convex so you get more force at the steering wheel at low speeds but lower resolution at higher speeds.

Q: What effects does the water temperature have?
A: At the moment just the gauges inside the car showing you what the temperature is, nothing more.

Q: The downshift protection will disallow downshifting early to protect the engine or is it there to shorten brake distances?
A: No, the downshift protection is there only to prevent over-revving the engine, just like in the real cars.

Q: How far is the code from the Ferrari Virtual Academy days?
A: It's not the same thing at all. No code from FVA went into Assetto Corsa.

Q: Considering you're talking so much about the physics engine update rate, I presume it's not that easy to increase it?
A: Actually to change it you only have to change one number in the code. A single number. The problem is if you make it faster you reduce the number of AI cars that you can run, because it's more demanding in terms of compute resources. This is why we're working on multithreading the physics, but the problem on PC is that not everyone has an 8-core CPU. Maybe we should make it dynamic, as an option or automatic. It's a complicated matter.

Q: What about the Porsche?
A: I don't know anything about it.

Q: Any favourite car&track combo that you like to drive, Stefano?
A: It always changes. KTM @ Magione? Lately, the 458 gives me the impression that you can do some sort of Top Gear "Eat an orange while drifting" challenge. It gives that sensation of total control. Unless you're braking in Imola, which is a nightmare.

Q: Most PCs have four physical cores...
A: Yes, but the problem is once you release a game and say it's compatible with X hardware you're basically just buying into supporting that hardware for the rest of the game's life cycle. You know there are some guys that run Assetto Corsa on DirectX 10 - where the trees are not transparent - by editing an INI file. I'd like to do lots of stuff on Assetto Corsa, but I cannot just break compatibility like that, you have to factor that in when talking about bumping the update rate of the physics engine or implementing the latest and greatest graphical features.

I'm starting to have a desire to start working on Assetto Corsa 2. I want to say "f**k DirectX10 and DirectX11, let's make another DirectX 12 engine and let's change the tyre model so I can do this, this and this". You know, I want to implement many things, I don't wanna see Python ever again. Those kind of things I'm not allowed to do with this version of the software.
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MensajeTema: Re: Streams de Stefano Casillo Temp. 2   Lun Sep 07, 2015 4:16 pm

Tyre model

Work ongoing on the updated tyre model for 1.3, called "Version 5". Final "specifications" of the new tyre model aren't set.
Not all cars will receive the new tyre model, but they will try to update all the cars in a category at a time.
Stefano says the general feeling is that the car is now more stable, less violent to driver inputs.
The anti-roll bars now have a much bigger influence on the car balance.


AI is heavily influenced by the new tyre model. The final AI strategy will be finalised when Kunos will decide what will and what will not get into the new tyre model in 1.3.
The AI gas pedal application is now more relaxed. On stiff cars such as the Exos, the transition from understeer to oversteer or viceversa was too fast for the AI to react, but now the AI is more precise.
AI will now use DRS where allowed (and with cars that have the feature).

1.3 release

(Re)confirmed stuff: 64-bit build, DLC with cars an track (singular), multithreaded physics
Stefano showcased the Barcelona circuit in a quick race against the AI.
Stefano will show some cars next Sunday, as soon as I get confirmation from Aris that the cars are OK.


Camera-facing spectators in the new Barcelona tracks - the 2D people textures are now always facing the camera now. The effect is that it now looks like more people are in the stands.


Q: Can you add a helicam for the replay?
A: One of the reasons we don't do that is that the trees don't look that good from above so we don't want to expose something like that.

Q: Do you think laptimes on GT cars will get better or worse with the new tyre model?
A: I think they will be slower, especially on tracks with fast corners.

Q: Why are certain parts of the telemetry missing from the replay?
A: The reason is simple: to lower the size of the replay.

Q: Single player pit-stop?
A: It will be very difficult. I don't think it will make it in 1.3; it's possible, but improbable.

Q: Are there multiple layouts for Barcelona?
A: There are two layouts - the GP layout and the MotoGP layout without the last chicane.

Q: Are fixed setups coming?
A: Yes, fixed setups are coming in 1.3. And they are done the right way: you will put your setup file on the server and it will lock all the values in that setup file. If you want to lock only some settings, you will include only those in your file.

Q: Further SLI/Crossfire optimizations?
A: No. There is nothing in DirectX10 about SLI or Crossfire and it's all done in the driver. There is nothing we can do within DirectX. Plus, as soon as you implement advance features such as automatic luminance, you will lose a big part of the theoretical advantage of SLI/Crossfire.

Q: Any plans to add an option to change car detail level?
A: Yeah, I would like that.

Q: Will there be any improvements in the driver movement animations?
A: No, no way we will do something so small and modify tens of cars to implement it.

Q: If you were a butterfly and could fly anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A: I've been a fan of Tokyo, but I've seen Santa Monica when I was at E3 and that is a fantastic place, so that is where I would go.

Q: Is there a chance for active suspension?
A: You know what? It is not that difficult on a computer. Active suspensions are more difficult in real-life, on the computer the only problem is what algorithm you are using. In early days of active suspension in F1 it was distance-based - in one part of the track the suspension was harder, in others softer, etc. So who is going to do these maps? Which player is going to spend all the time to do something like this? We'd spend a lot of time to implement the user interface for something like this and there would be a small number of players using this.

Q: Will there be a system where a collision will add camber to a wheel?
A: Currently a collision adds toe, but there is no reason it can't add camber as well.

Q: Any chance of getting cars from 1950s?
A: I would love to. They are my favorite cars, but very difficult - not many players would drive them.

Q: Is it still enjoyable working on the game? Do you want to punch someone sometimes?
A: Yes, when things don't work. But I think I'm lucky, because when I get up I'm looking forward to do things that day. Also I'm lucky that I've managed to put the company in a situation where I can focus on the things that I like and let someone else handle the things I don't like doing.

Q: Is this a sim or a simcade game?
A: This is a game that tries to allow as many people as possible to experience the cars in the game as realistic as possible. If you want a sim, go to a company that builds simulators, pay millions of dollars and enjoy the sim. You don't get to choose which people use the game.
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MensajeTema: Re: Streams de Stefano Casillo Temp. 2   Dom Sep 13, 2015 9:38 pm

Episodio 5
Habla al ppio del nuevo tire model, de un error que encontraron en el offset de las llantas en todos los autos, lo que genera Scrub Radius, por ende genera una vibracion al frenar. Ahora (para la 1.3) dice que esta mucho mas suave todo, mucho mejor informacion de la geometria de suspension.

Luego corre una carrera con el SCG003 en Barcelona.
Muestra el M4 Akrapovic en Spa y unas sombras nuevas sobre reflejos en el parabrisas que esta barbara! y al final un cacho del GT40

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MensajeTema: Re: Streams de Stefano Casillo Temp. 2   Dom Sep 20, 2015 12:16 pm

General stuff

New camera and animations after the game loads. No longer the camera rotates around the car (or shows parts of the track, as originally planned for 1.3), instead you have a 1st person point-of-view, looking at your car with the door open. It looks pretty neat!
The second layout of the Barcelona can be seen in the video. Stefano races the Countach @ Barcelona, the MotoGP layout and shows us that the Countach looks faster than it actually is. Very Happy
Audi R8 LMS Ultra was shown. The car isn't finished, but it already looks delicious.
Stefano has started working on a documentation regarding the INI files. It will appear in the forums later on, when it's complete.
Single player pitstops are coming later, not in 1.3.

Tyre model

With version 5 of the tyre model you want to avoid locking up your tyres. It will send you right off the track, as demonstrated live while racing by Kunos.
Zonda R, 599XX, Formula Abarth, Lotus Evora, GT2 & GT3 cars have the latest tyre model. It's also fair to assume that the new cars will also have. The list may not be complete.


Q: A bit off-topic, but is there a way to change text colour of the apps?
A: No, every app decides the colour.

Q: About setting the FF with the keyboards. So when you load the car, it will also load the last FF value? It will be by track or will it be the same value for all the tracks?
A: It will be the same value for all tracks, so basically it will be by car.

Q: Will there be variable brake vent cooling option when brake heat comes in?
A: Probably, probably there will be.

Q: Is there any way to adjust the tyre PSI with temperature?
A: I think there is a file in the tyre model that does that. Oh no, there isn't; so the answer is no.

Q: Is it possible to add rear-view camera from inside the car? Looking through the rear-window instead of the rear-bumper camera.
A: Possible to add an option to set where the camera will be.

Q: Can you tell us which feature are new and which features were dropped for 1.3?
A: We dropped the DRS racing (where DRS could enabled only if you were < x seconds behind the car in front), the car options (implementing S versions just like the track layouts).

Q: Is 1.3 running on schedule?
A: It will come as scheduled. The only thing that can stop it is if there is a major issue in multiplayer, which the guys will test tomorrow. It will come before the end of the month, and even if there is a delay, that would be only a couple of days.

Q: What does the AI do different when the level is lowered below 100%?
A: The speed through corners is lower and the braking is slower (earlier).

Q: Will it be possible to map the buttons for turbo on the controller?
A: That's another feature that we want to do, but it was dropped for 1.3.

Q: Could we have an anti-roll bar adjustable on-the-fly?
A: I think that's pretty rare for a race car. I think Indy Car does it, but I don't know about any other car that has it. I don't see why we couldn't have that.

Q: Any improvement in the multiplayer code?
A: No. Ah, I forgot! The new Go version might help to improve server performance provided there was a problem there already...

Q: Will it be possible to change cars in multiplayer without leaving and rejoining the server?
A: No. That was a design choice 4 years ago, because it makes many things way simpler. I think it's a good balance between what you get in return and the problem that it gives.

Q: Any plans for engine stall?
A: Well, I coded it in, but we didn't have time to discuss it and make plans. So at the moment, no, there is no plan.

Q: Now that there is the 64-bit can we expect tracks with more than 24 pits?
A: No. The very simple reason is that whatever number I put there, people will ask for that number + X. It's a never ending quest.

Q: How much will the DLC cost?
A: I cannot answer that question yet. We're decided on the pricing and you will have more information soon.

Q: How much in general car manufacturers are friendly about providing the cars' data, specifically with the race cars?
A: It really depends. With race cars, usually teams are quite friendly; it depends on the team. With AC's increasing popularity, more and more teams know us and are very friendly. Car manufacturers, as you can imagine, you have to sign many NDAs, and now... I cannot tell you which ones are good, and which ones are not. There are some that give you everything you ask for, and some that don't give you anything.

Q: Could Aris get on your stream?
A: That would rock! I don't think it can be done on YouTube, I think it has to something like a Hangout, but yeah, I think it's a nice idea - a Hangout where also Aris and Simone are there.
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Streams de Stefano Casillo Temp. 2
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